Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time to Start Anew!

I have been remiss in updating my blog.  It is probable that none of my meager number of followers (15) come back very often anymore.  Hopefully I can change that.  I realized that I have a number of stories I've never posted that are yearning for the public eye.  I have also recently discovered the "scheduling" function of Blogger, so I don't have to come back all the time to publish new stories -- I can do them by batches and have them load at appropriate times! (Yeah, so I was slow on the uptake with that.)

In addition, the Yahoo writing group I participate in (Fantasy_Writing) will be running a Mock National Novel Writing Month (henceforth referred to as "MNano") in the month of May.  To be honest, it was my idea.  I had such a good experience last Nano (see the official event's website here) that six months later I want to do it again.  The skinny is, write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. (Only May has 31, so we get a bonus day.)  That equates to ~1615 words a day.  (1667 in November.)  Sound hard?  After three years of trying I finally succeeded last year. Go me!  Time to try it again.  I intend to post updates on the blog to let everyone know how it is coming.  I may even post a snippet or two of what gets written.

So--come back often.  I promise to have more content.  Some of it may even be good. :)


Jeff Hargett said...

Looking forward to it, Todd!

Todd said...

I'm glad someone is :)

Honestly, I'd probably post a whole lot more often if I would get comments on the stuff I post. I got 60+ views on the fanfic I did for KateMarie's "Daughter of Hauk"--almost all of them linked from KateMarie's Facebook page--but not one person commented. Kind of a let down. I would have preferred a slew of "that was awful" to the silence. ;)

Jeff Hargett said...

I know some people are put off by the "prove you're not a robot (and can see things no human eye should be able to parse)" dialogs. Disabling that may up the comments ratio.

Todd said...

You know, I made that setting years ago and haven't thought about it since. Thanks for bringing it up. That has been changed.